Apex Construct’s Sales Soar After Players Mix It up for Apex Legends

Respawn surprised the gaming community with a free-to-play Battle Royale title set in the Titanfall universe – Apex Legends. The initial hype was huge, but it seems that the players’ interest is still at a high level. The game has exceeded the expectations of the developers, which now are working on Season 1 and various post-launch content. In the meantime, confusion among the fans might have cost Apex Legends some additional players.

It is all because of the game’s name similarity with another release called Apex Construct. It is a VR-only action game developed by Fast Travel and released about a year ago. As both titles have “Apex” in their names, many gamers made a mistake and bought Apex Construct instead of the Respawn’s Battle Royale.

The news was revealed by Andreas working at Fast Travel, who also pinpointed that the company will most likely issue a refund for these units.

“The confusion is not only because of the name but also because of the logos that are similar (our game was published first!). The majority of those who have bought Apex Construct by mistake come from China. It seems that there are people ready to pay for a title that is free to play,” said Andreas.

You might think that this is positive marketing for their game, but the truth is that the game suffered a blow from a huge number of negative reviews on Steam. Many of the Chinese who bought the game instead of Apex Legends were disappointed it wasn’t what they were looking for, and resorted to posting negative reviews.

Fortunately for the company, it seems that Valve has resolved this issue and removed the problematic reviews. Now that the problem is behind them (although the chances are some other users will make a similar mistake in the future, too), Fast Travel can brag about having a funny story related to their small studio.

Additionally, no one can take away the fact that the visits to the Apex Construct’s Steam page have increased by over 4,000% in the last couple of months. As they are a small studio and this is their only release, we hope that at least some of the users actually bought their game and increased their profit, too.

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