Day R Premium Cheat Codes download

Day R Premium Cheat Codes May 19, 2018 Day R Premium hack is free to decrypt or free of charge to buy all In-App purchases. It works for all Android and also for ios devices for Day R Premium. You must pick any cheat code from below to use this hack and type it in the Day R Premium game console. You don’t have to cheat and hack your phone and you don’t have to download anything like computer software or apk ipa files! You’re in the right place if you’re done with downloading a lot of stuff and they don’t function!

Check the link in the red box below and you will find a quick tutorial on how to use cheats for Day R Premium if you don’t know how to enter our cheats.

Day R Premium (available for all cheats) All Cheats 1. Bank of $0.99 > > “8D1zqQbjlG4lK15 xc” 2 caps. $4.99 > > “zPSZsP7s4WZReOt P4” 3 stacks of caps. $9.99 > > > “yhhtMTVIVQswVbX qf”(Cheat code updated) 4. $19.99 > > > “ThchqwkiTLUda3p Lp” case 5. $2.99 > > “agkYKdhxIqQ1QHx BS” 6 caps stack. $4.99 > > > “EBG0310PbmgpQ6q Vy” 7 cap saucepan. $9.99 > > > “OEE6uhy7sAw4Cym IP” case with caps 8. Cap bag $49.99 > > > “rYKTieCXclAHUwc DF”(Cheat code updated) 9. $2.99 > > “Z4Eo7BQnZ843ce7 LN” 10 caps 1000. 100 000 caps $19.99 > >’ fCPDPOigDL38Xkq 2Z'(Cheat code updated) Cheats working on iOS devices 1. Pocket of caps $0.99 > > “8D1zqQbjlG4lK15 xc”(Cheat code updated) 2. Caps stack $4.99 > > “zPSZsP7s4WZReOt P4″(Cheat code updated) 3. $9.99 > > > “yhhtMTVIVQswVbX qf”(Cheat code updated) 4. $19.99 > > > “ThchqwkiTLUda3p Lp” case 5. $9.99 > > > “OEE6uhy7sAw4Cym IP” case 6. Cap bag $49.99 > > > “rYKTieCXclAHUwc DF”(Cheat code updated) 7. 1000 $2.99 > > “Z4Eo7BQnZ843ce7 LN”(Cheat code updated) 8. 100 000 $19.99 > > “fCPDPOigDL38Xkq 2Z”(Cheat Code updated) Android 1. Pocket of caps $0.99 > > “8D1zqQbjlG4lK15 xc”(Cheat code updated) 2. Caps stack $4.99 > > “zPSZsP7s4WZReOt P4″(Cheat code updated) 3. $9.99 > > > “yhhtMTVIVQswVbX qf” 4 cap sausepan. Case of $19.99 > > > “ThchqwkiTLUda3p Lp”(Cheat code updated) 5. $2.99 > > “agkYKdhxIqQ1QHx BS” 6 caps stack. 100 000 caps $19.99 > > Tablets 1. “fCPDPOigDL38Xkq 2Z” Pocket of caps $0.99 > > “8D1zqQbjlG4lK15 xc”(Cheat code updated) 2. $9.99 > > > “yhhtMTVIVQswVbX qf” 3 cap sausepan. $19.99 > > > “ThchqwkiTLUda3p Lp” case 4. Caps stack $2.99 > > “agkYKdhxIqQ1QHx BS”(Cheat code updated) 5. $4.99 > > > “EBG0310PbmgpQ6q Vy”(Cheat Code updated) 6. $9.99 > > > “OEE6uhy7sAw4Cym IP” case with caps 7. Cap bag $49.99 > > > “rYKTieCXclAHUwc DF”(Cheat code updated) 8. 100 000 caps $19.99 > > “fCPDPOigDL38Xkq 2Z” For the Day R Premium game, we suggest that you try with Cheat Code caps. Many users use cheat code to purchase these in-app purchases. Hope you are going to enjoy it.

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Slime Rancher Download Free 2019

From the first person view, a sweet, vibrant world? Do you love cute, charming faces and pastels? You need this game! Slime Rancher is a strange adventure where you can explore vast foreign areas, build and grow a ranch of your jelly and escape the dangers of an alien slime hordes! From this page you can download Slime Rancher now!

Slime Rancher Download SLIME RANCHER DOWNLOAD LINK–game developed by Monomi Park Sline Rancher is a sandbox game created by an independent studio called Monomi Park. It’s an action game with elements of economic simulation, where we take on the role of Beatrix Labeau, who is a farmer looking for a better life, who after a real adventure travels into the unknown!

Through feeding her slime pets –adorable, bright, jelly-like creatures, the protagonist decides to make a huge fortune. Nevertheless, the mission is not easy to complete, as Beatrix encounters a number of challenges along the way, including insane jelly-like enemies. The girl has to take care of the crops in the morning and feed her creatures properly. Some of them are vegetarians, so they are content with their vegetables, while others prefer meat dishes and want protein-rich chickens to be served.

Then we can discover the open world as we look for rising fruit and vegetables and the species of creatures that need to be adapted to our farm. A fun soundtrack accompanies the entire project, accompanied by catchy music and squeaky sounds created by the living creatures who are crazy or cute. Our basic tool is a multifunctional device called Vacpack, which will be our working equipment from now on, but also our weapon.

Download Slime Rancher Free!
Now you can have this game and enjoy hours of great gameplay on your own ranch in the world of jelly monsters! Download from the button below Slime Rancher now! It’s so fast!

Recommended: Dual Core 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce 8800 or better, 1 Tb HDD, Windows XP/7/8/10 Minimal: Dual Core 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB GeForce 8800 or better, 1 GB HDD, Windows XP/7/8/10 Minimal: Dual Core 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB GeForce 8800 or better, 1 GB HDD, Windows XP/7/8/10 Frequently asked questions.
Click “Download now” button in red. In the active browser tab, the installer will begin. He will direct you through the entire Slime Rancher game installation process.
Is that Slime Rancher’s full version?
Indeed! This is a game of the full version. The installation is in English, but the game has a choice of 14 languages.
Is this free game for Slime Rancher?
Yes, only a “cracked button” is required. When we download the game, we can generate it for free!
Can I install the Android or ios version of Slime Rancher?
All you need to do is enter from your mobile device If you want to download Slime Rancher apk, take your phone and go to this page with Ios. If you would like to download Slime Rancher ios, take your ios device and go to this page.


Roblox PC Download 2020

Roblox PC Download a game that allows us to do almost everything? Isn’t that attractive sound? Roblox is no limit to such a game. We can create what we want and play various roles, and the design is Lego-based. An online educational game that American studio Roblox Corporation released in 2006, based on the free-to-play model! Today it may be yours! All you need is to download and enjoy long hours of unlimited activity from this site!

Roblox Download ROBLOX PC DOWNLOAD LINK Download Roblox PC Download Roblox In Roblox it’s about creating your own virtual world and communicating with other players. We’re starting to create our character. Physiognomy, headwear, clothing and other accessories can be selected. However, we can later also build objects for our use. Roblox is developed by users, so only human imagination restricts its content.

Among other things, we can play a pizza worker’s role in the game, try to escape from prison, fight zombies, or run your own business. Each of the worlds that we have built is a kind of amusement park that other players will visit. We may position different attractions, such as races, puzzles or normal fields, with the sole purpose of helping others to interact. You can buy two different currencies in the Roblox region.

The first, boarding. Thanks to them, we can buy an advertising space, these more popular clothes and products, and the ability to customize the appearance of avatar. We get tickets if other people visit our creations. The second currency is robux, so that more unavailable attractions can be unlocked. Robux is obtained in two ways–through the sale of tickets or the transfer of real money. The creator of the game announced that the best-paid client made a profit of $3 million in 2017. Two more dollars that made 2 million. The game has a virtual currency of Robux which can be transformed into real dollars.

Download Roblox PC-how to install it?
All you need to do is click the “Download” button. You must run the installer of the software on your device and download the full version of Roblox. Then it will instruct you to download the next steps.

Roblox PC Free update ROBLOX PC Update LINK / Roblox PC Update System Specifications Roblox for Windows Platform Game Mode: Single / Multiplayer Recommended: Dual Core 2.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Graphic Card 1 GB Intel HD or higher, 1 GB HDD, Windows XP / Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Minimum: Dual Core 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Graphic Card 512 MB Intel HD or higher, 1 GB HDD, Windows XP / Vista/7/
Click “Install now” button in red. In the active browser tab, the installer will begin. He will direct you through the entire installation process of the Roblox game.
Is this Roblox’s full version?
Yes! This is the game of the full version. The installation is in English, but the game has a choice of 14 languages.
Is this free game from Roblox?
Yes, only a “cracked key” is needed. When we install the game, we can generate it for free!
Can I install the Android or ios version of Roblox?
All you need to do is enter your mobile device into If you want to download Roblox apk, take your phone and go to this site with Android. If you want to download Roblox ios, go to this site and take your mobile with ios.


GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto download

Grand Theft Auto is one of the last couple of years’ most spectacular and profitable video gaming franchises. On all sorts of platforms, this was a success: Windows, ios, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox… The open world in which the action takes place, its freedom of movement, its characters and storylines, all made a big success for each of its installments.

GTA V: Back to Los Santos GTA San Andreas’s Los Angeles reconstruction once again returns in this GTA 5— Grand Theft Auto, a game in which its three main characters (a swindler, a bank robber, and a psycho) compete with the worst offenders around, crooked U.S. government officials, and showtime corporation. From there on, you know what will happen: crime, the underworld, and a wide universe to discover and where our tasks must be accomplished.

The key features graphics of 4 K performance.
Largest map of all time.
Multiplayer mode for GTA online.
Record games and edit results with the Rockstar Editor to create short videos.
Improvements in how vehicles are driven and in previous versions ‘ combat and shooting systems.
Professional voice-over artists dubbed the characters.
One of the best features of this new San Andreas is that the gameplay has become much smoother, coming closer to the shooter genre, making the experience much faster and more fluid: more action and less adventure.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been placed as the second most expensive game ever by the 265 million spent on its development.

GTA Online: Multiplayer mode now with bikers This is the Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer mode, which was later included as a patch for the original game, despite initially being developed as a standalone installment. We can play solo in different game modes with the latter against other users or by teams: deathmatch, team deathmatch, missions, last team standing, capture, races… And even a biker gangs situation where the characters fit perfectly.

And if you have trouble trying to complete any of its stages, you can always make use of the countless cheats, advice, guides and codes that you can find on the Internet: it has a very large and active user base. Hopefully the developers will begin to bring out mods to extend the possibilities of the game.

You already know that from the very moment it is launched, GTA 5 for PC will become a classic. So don’t hesitate to get hold of the most impressive and flickering action game of the last couple of years.

What’s new about the latest release?
Updates to the game mode online.
Requirements and additional information: This is a game that can be downloaded from Steam to pay-to-play.
Antony Peel Antony Peel 9/10 SOFTWARE LANGUAGES AUTHOR Rockstar Games UPDATED This week SIZE 62 GB GTA 5–Grand Theft Auto Cheats GTA 5 Smuggler’s Run: can I download it?
No, we can’t download the GTA 5 Smuggler’s Run as it’s a Grand Theft Auto Online expansion. In other words, it’s an online version of the game, so it’s not like the rest of the games in this series that allow us to download the main title. Though, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to download a set of files to play this expansion on our computer, but we’re not thinking about an EXE file like the rest of the games in any case.

VIEW Depending on each platform, the release date of GTA 5 was different when it was released. With respect to the version of the Windows PC, the latter was released on April 14, 2015. Nevertheless, the PlayStation and Xbox video consoles version has been released earlier, but at different dates depending on which system we are thinking about:


The Sims 4 download PC

If you’re one of those guys who wake up every morning wanting to be someone else, with a different life, a different job, a different car, different friends, a different personality, and even a different couple, besides confirming that you’re thinking about a few things in your life, we’re offering you to relieve your situation, even if it’s just a few hours a day. Obviously, we’re thinking about The Sims franchise, and specifically the series ‘ fourth installment, The Sims 4 Build a Sime, where you can live a new virtual life far beyond reality and where you can be a completely different person.

Live a new life before your Mac.

The new edition is followed by lots of technological advances in previous versions, particularly in terms of the characters ‘ artificial intelligence. But its biggest update has to do with the new system of creating Sims, much more intuitive and complete, which will help us model our character to the smallest detail, choosing his / her personality, ethnic group, hairstyle, facial features, and clothing. You may create an avatar that is your spitting image, or someone that looks in the opposite direction.

Where can I buy and enjoy The Sims 4?
As you probably already know, Electronic Arts (yep, the same guys who release a new version of FIFA each year) has created all the installments of this saga of social simulation video games. And like most of the American company’s video games, the latter can be purchased much downloaded from its official online software distribution site, Origin.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll just have to create an account to provide some personal details to sign up for the service and access the demo of the game. If the trial version isn’t enough, you can buy the full game, whether in its Standard Edition or its Deluxe Edition (with more digital content). What’s the price? The first one will cost you just under $60, while the second one may cost you less than $70 for an amount of money.

Valid only for PC and Mac.

And if you’ve been wondering about the game-compatible platforms and operating systems, it’s only available for Windows PCs and macOS-equipped Apple computers. So it wasn’t released for PlayStation, Xbox or any other console or mobile device, even though you can download from their respective official stores a companion app for Android, in APK format, and iPhone.

Key features and updates Build and treat new more intelligent than ever characters.
Characters with specific and recognizable characteristics and a broader range of emotions.
Create your dream house, discover your surroundings, and meet your neighbours.
New animals in your new virtual life to take care of.
Advanced artificial intelligence to add more emotions and feelings to your characters.
Highly customizable world of sandboxes where you can do whatever you want.
Develop a new Sim and Create mode to make it much easier and more intuitive to create Sims and create processes: it’s like building with clay.
Fresh lively neighbourhoods, with plenty of place to entertain your avatars in social life and culture.
Post your creations with the group of The Sims 4 and share other players ‘ contributions.
By completing various missions and events, unlock prizes and rewards.
With each update, new free content is added: swimming pool, ghosts, new jobs, etc.
Expansions for The Sims 4 One of the aspects most enjoyed by fans of this video game is that despite having many years behind it (it was initially launched for Windows in 2014 and landed on macOS in 2015), Electronic Arts launches expansion packs very regularly. Not only do they enhance and extend the original roles thanks to the latter, but they also give the impression that they are taking care of the game’s fans, reacting to their demands regarding new jobs, new lifestyles, new skills, new buildings and new cities.

The latest expansion of The Sims ‘ fourth version was released in late 2016 under the title of City Living, based on San Myshuno’s fictional city, where we will discover new careers, such as a lawyer or social media manager, and new cheats and skills for our characters. The truth is that it is better than Get to Work and Get Together, the best expansion released to date.

Download Game

Wrack Exoverse Free Download

Wrack Exoverse Free Download

in one Windows direct link. It’s a wonderful action, adventure, fps, indie, shooting.

This hot air racing game mixed stunts, velocity and water simulation into a contemporary action-packed gaming experience. Wrack Exoverse PC Game Overview With its strong creation instrument, Wrack Exoverse will let you build your own avatar. You can also generate your car. It has a career mode that involves three camps for single players. It also has an online racing mode for 8 players.

There are also 4 creative methods for parties. This game consists of 10 visually impressive settings with different lighting and weather conditions. It has 50 very difficult tracks. Wrack Exoverse is certainly the one game to attempt with some stunning graphics and amazing sounds. ATV Quadro Racing can also be downloaded.

Following are the primary characteristics of Wrack Exoverse that you will be able to experience after the first installation on your operating system.

Defend worlds that are ever changing!
Assemble your inventory! Assemble your inventory!
Unlock new guns, new regions and new articles!
Power unleash shots!
Shop until you fall! Shop until you fall!
Earn feat benefits!
Before you begin downloading Wrack Exoverse Free, make sure your computer meets minimum system requirements.

Assemble your inventory

To help you with your mission, collect a broad range of strong elements with game-changing characteristics. New weapons, runes, artifacts and more can spread, drop off the enemies, or be bought in the shop before waves.

Changing Worlds Continue to have fun!

Due to procedurally generated worlds, you never succumb to the boredom of repeatedly playing the same thing. There are distinctive difficulties for each globe, and each round has its own highlights and falls.

System req



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 64-bit
  • Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 8600GT/ATI HD 4650
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Download here