The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch Remake Coming in 2019

The Legend of Zelda is one of the longest-running series out there. It is interesting to note that Nintendo has plenty of gaming franchises whose popularity hasn’t changed despite decades have passed. In the latest Nintendo Direct, the company confirmed that they are planning to release The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Switch console soon.

If the title seems familiar, that is because it should. Link’s Awakening was first released in 1993 for Game Boy, and a remake was done five years later for Game Boy Color. It has been more than two decades, and it seems like the right time to take a nostalgic trip back on a console with more potent hardware.

As indicated in the video, the game will be “reborn while providing a new experience.” Although we can only guess what that means, we would say upgraded graphics, some extra features that benefit the gameplay, and the story we are familiar with, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There is no doubt that the game will have the top-down perspective we know from classic Zelda games. Apart from that, the crucial difference of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is that this is one of the rare games not happening in Hyrule.

You will be playing on Koholint Island, where Link accidentally ended after his ship was destroyed. Our hero is looking at how to escape the island and figures out that the only way is to find eight magical instruments. By playing them, Link can wake up The Wind Fish, the guardian of the island that will help him get back home.

What Other Games Were Announced in Nintendo Direct?

The biggest announcement is undoubtedly Super Mario Maker 2. Thousands of fans were asking for a sequel to the original, and it seems that the company finally listened. Apart from SMM 2, we can also expect a 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Among other things, we are looking forward to playing as Joker, which will be the new DLC addition to the roster.

Furthermore, updates for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night were announced.

As for new announcements, Nintendo confirmed BoxBoy + BoxGirl and Tetris 99, which is a Tetris-themed battle royale.

Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Have Microtransactions or Battle Royale Mode

CD Projekt Red received the Steam Award for the Best Developer in 2018, and it was deserved. The Polish company game is best known for The Witcher franchise, but the gaming community eagerly awaits their new title Cyberpunk 2077.

Although it has been almost seven years since the official announcement, we still do not have an exact release date. However, it seems to be getting near as the company provided answers to some specific questions asked by the users. If you browse the reply section of the game’s official account on Twitter, you will discover some interesting stuff about the release.

The crucial thing is that there will be no microtransactions. The studio even laughed when the question was brought up by one of the users. Considering that the microtransactions have somewhat of a bad reputation (who said Electronic Arts), the community accepted this as positive news.

On the other hand, we also shouldn’t expect any Battle Royale mode. CD Projekt Red is not one to blindly follow the latest trends. Instead, they follow their formula and try to be innovative and unique. They succeeded so far, and we do firmly believe they can manage without BR and in-game purchases.

Not Exclusive to One Store

We also discovered that Cyberpunk 2077 wouldn’t be exclusively available on Epic Games store. With some time left until the release, this will be subject to change, but Steam users can also expect for the PC version to be available on that storefront.

The next in line of confirmations offered by CDPR is that not only you will have multiple companions available in the game, but some of them will be female. It remains to be seen whether these allies will join us throughout the entire campaign or be available only in particular sections. If we had to bet, we would go with the latter. That is the system the company already used in The Witcher 3, and it worked.

Aside from PC, Cyberpunk 2077 will also be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For those of you that do not know (shame!), the new game will be an adaptation of the tabletop classic Cyberpunk 2020.

Apex Construct’s Sales Soar After Players Mix It up for Apex Legends

Respawn surprised the gaming community with a free-to-play Battle Royale title set in the Titanfall universe – Apex Legends. The initial hype was huge, but it seems that the players’ interest is still at a high level. The game has exceeded the expectations of the developers, which now are working on Season 1 and various post-launch content. In the meantime, confusion among the fans might have cost Apex Legends some additional players.

It is all because of the game’s name similarity with another release called Apex Construct. It is a VR-only action game developed by Fast Travel and released about a year ago. As both titles have “Apex” in their names, many gamers made a mistake and bought Apex Construct instead of the Respawn’s Battle Royale.

The news was revealed by Andreas working at Fast Travel, who also pinpointed that the company will most likely issue a refund for these units.

“The confusion is not only because of the name but also because of the logos that are similar (our game was published first!). The majority of those who have bought Apex Construct by mistake come from China. It seems that there are people ready to pay for a title that is free to play,” said Andreas.

You might think that this is positive marketing for their game, but the truth is that the game suffered a blow from a huge number of negative reviews on Steam. Many of the Chinese who bought the game instead of Apex Legends were disappointed it wasn’t what they were looking for, and resorted to posting negative reviews.

Fortunately for the company, it seems that Valve has resolved this issue and removed the problematic reviews. Now that the problem is behind them (although the chances are some other users will make a similar mistake in the future, too), Fast Travel can brag about having a funny story related to their small studio.

Additionally, no one can take away the fact that the visits to the Apex Construct’s Steam page have increased by over 4,000% in the last couple of months. As they are a small studio and this is their only release, we hope that at least some of the users actually bought their game and increased their profit, too.

Deck of Ashes Looks Like a Promising Roguelike Card-Based RPG

An ambitious new studio AYGames recently announced its first game called the Deck of Ashes. It is a mixture of RPG and card-based combat, and it should also feature an intriguing story. All that sounds quite interesting, and we are looking forward to trying the Early Access version, which will become available on Steam on April 11th. There is no mention of the price, but the developers did reveal other details about the game.

The Deck of Ashes will put you in a dark and cursed fantasy world. You will have to collect cards and other resources so that you can fight against scary monsters that took over the realm. The players will have the chance to pick out their champion, which will affect how your deck will look and hopefully affect the replay value of the game.

The Deck of Ashes should have a significant layer of strategy, especially considering that there will be cards of different categories, as well as combos. We can expect more than 100 cards for every character, which means there are numerous options to combine. According to the studio, the newbies will figure out some of the cards that fit well together, but it will take some trial and error to figure out the most powerful combos.

Each of the players will have their base, which is called Camp. You can choose to upgrade it in a way that suits your playing style, but keep in mind that you will need to invest limited resources smartly.

The developers put a lot of effort into designing the landscape, and the monsters will also vary depending on the environment. Your crucial task will be to stay alive, which will not be easy in realms that are procedurally generated to keep things interesting.

The game aims to be challenging for experienced players, too, which is the reason why permadeath is among the vital features. There is a way to save yourself from dying, but it requires using dark magic, and do you really want to do that?

Cultist Simulator Celebrates a Milestone and Sells 100K Copies

We have always been huge supporters of indie studios, especially those that make unique and innovative games. That is precisely the case with Weather Factory and their Cultist Simulator release, which is a weird Lovecraftian-themed card title that received mostly positive reviews from the community.

The studio was established by two gaming employees who used to work at Failbetter, and their biography includes titles like Sunless Skies and Fallen London. They decided to test their luck in the gaming market on their own, and they designed Cultist Simulator. The single-player release puts you at the help of a cult who wants to discover unholy mysteries. In the game, you avoid the police while feeding on your followers and summoning alien gods. If it sounds interesting, that is because it is and you should give it a try.

The latest reports indicate that Cultist Simulator has sold more than 100,000 copies. As expected, the majority were sold via Steam (around 80%) while the rest is shared among, GOG, and Humble Bundle, which is actually the publisher of the game.

Considering that 100,000 looks like a high number that many indie developers have been dreaming about, the head of the studio Alexis Kennedy decided to share his opinion in the development blog update. He described the initial year of the Weather Factory in detail and agreed that they also consider it a huge success that they reached the magic 100K sales.

Kennedy shared all financial and sales details, which is something studios do not frequently do. Among other things, he mentioned that Cultist Simulator was distributed as a part of the Humble Monthly deal. During that promotion, the game reached more than 500K players, but the publishing deal they signed prevented them from earning any royalties.

However, Kennedy admits that this was a smart advertising move as the sales increased from that moment. The developer doesn’t hide that they are satisfied with how their debut release was received by the community. He also emphasized that there are many expenses involved, which means that they weren’t become millionaires because of the game.

On the other hand, he admits that there is enough money in the bank for the Weather Factory to start working on another game. Let’s hope that it will be equally as successful as this one.

Operation Grand Heist Coming to Call of Duty Blacks 4 – Here Is What You Need to Know

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans, today is the big day! The new season of the game called Operation Grand Heist officially started on PlayStation 4 while PC and Xbox One will follow soon. It is the third in the line of Operations released for CODBO4, and this time it will last for approximately two months. We can expect new content added gradually, but Treyarch did mention what new additions we can expect at the very start.

We assume you are most interested in the Blackout mode and don’t worry because fresh content is on the way. You will get to play in Ghost Town, a new area inspired by Western movies. The above-ground section is an improved Standoff map from Black Ops 2. Players can also expect below-ground caverns in the section officially named Buried. You will find a lot of zombies here, as well as attractive loot.

Gamers will also get to enjoy a completely new Hot Pursuit mode in the Blackout playing regime. You will get to drive Muscle Cars, SUV, and PBR vehicles. Although they will not be immediately available, we can expect a new event, Hardcore mode, and extra weapons throughout the season.

Plenty of New Content for Season Pass Owners

As for the Multiplayer modes, it will also feature numerous fresh firearms, such as an auto-shotgun and Switchblade X9 SMG. Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Multiplayer will now also include an Outrider specialist, and we will get to play the popular Party Games again. If you an owner of the Black Ops pass, you will get two fresh maps, including Casino and Lockup. The developers promise even more new modes, as well as changes to the existing maps in terms of weather and lighting.

If you prefer fighting the undead, Death-Con Five is the New Gauntlet, and we can also expect a sixth Zombies experience at some point during the season.

You can find out all the details about Operation Grand Heist on this page. Treyarch didn’t offer exact information on when PC and Xbox One players will get the chance to try the update, but you shouldn’t wait for long.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Will be Released in August

The gaming community is smart enough to pay attention to details, which is often why the public finds out details about new games even before the developers and publishers confirm it. That was the case with the official release date of the Age of Wonders: Planetfall. The reveal happened on the Reset Era forum where one of the users posted about the appearance of the listing on Steam.

Other users started reporting that the game is available for pre-order in other stores, too. It didn’t take long for the Triumph Studios, the development team behind the release, to confirm the news and make an official announcement.

We can expect Age of Wonders: Planetfall to hit the digital shelves on August 6th, 2019. At this point, the game has been confirmed for PC and Xbox One.

Three Different Editions

It has become customary for the developers to offer several different purchasing options during the pre-order period. As for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, you can choose between the following:

  • Standard Edition – includes only the game and available for $49.99
  • Deluxe Edition – an extra scenario planet, digital artbook, and two cosmetic packs are also included in this version. It costs $59.99.
  • Premium Edition – aside from everything mentioned above, it also includes the season pass, wallpapers, and forum icons. Be ready to pay $89.99 if you want it.

The intriguing thing about these different versions is their covers. On the Deluxe cover, you will notice that the main protagonist is wearing cool sunglasses and moustaches! Things get even better on the Premium cover, which features opponents made of pure gold – literally.

What Is the Age of Wonders: Planetfall?

The newest addition to the franchise published by Paradox Interactive will stay true to the familiar formula. A turn-based strategy with sci-fi elements and single-player and multiplayer modes. The game has been in development for three years, but it was officially announced in May 2018.

Planetfall aims to take the franchise to the next level while keeping the core concept. You will establish a new House and meet other NPC factions while trying to fulfil your objectives by developing technology, being a diplomat, or conquering territories.

PUBG Mobile Now Offers a Time-Limited Event Inspired by Resident Evil 2

When Capcom decided to release a remake of Resident Evil 2, older fans seemed happier than the younger generations who haven’t had the chance to play the original. The remake received fairly positive reviews from critics, but it doesn’t seem like it managed to get close to the new generation of players.

That is why Capcom has made an excellent marketing move and signed a deal with PUBG Corporations. Thanks to that, PUBG Mobile now has a special RE2 crossover event. The event is now live, and you can play it if you download the game from the app store.

The name of the Resident Evil 2 event is Zombie: Survive Till Dawn. According to details revealed by Eurogamer, the developers selected Erangel map as the setting for the live event. Aside from the Battle Royale concept, you may expect in PUBG; this special event offers the chance to test yourself in PvE combat.

Staying Alive Just Got Harder

Here is how it works – each session lasts for 30 minutes, which equals three in-game days (and two nights). During the day, everything will seem like usual in PUBG Mobile, and your goal will be to survive and eliminate as many other players as possible. You may encounter a couple of zombies, including Lickers, police zombies, and other familiar creatures from Resident Evil 2.

If you survive until the night falls, that is when the problems start. The night will make the zombies hungry and mad, and your task of surviving will become much harder.

The mixture of PvE and PvP action is what is supposed to make this crossover particularly interesting. You can also win some cool prizes, including Claire and Leon skill sets, and Marvin and Ada costumes.

The developers emphasized that the event is time-limited, but it doesn’t seem like it has an expiration date at this point The chances are that the creators want to see whether the users will like the new mode and then make the decision on how long to run the event.

Embark Studios Working on a New Co-Op Shooter and Another Surprising Project

If you are a hardcore gaming fan, you might have heard of Patrick Soderlund. He used to work in Electonic Arts as the head design officer, but left the company in 2018. Soderlund has been busy since then as he established Embark Studios. The headquarters of the newly-founded studio is in Stockholm, and it currently employs more than 50 people.

That’s all nice and fine, but why we are telling you this? It is because Soderlund officially announced that Embark Studios is working on a new release:

“We managed to find a great idea that we all agreed on, which is we decided to start prototyping, “said Soderlund.

He admitted that the project is in a very early phase and that plenty can change during development. However, he confirmed that we could expect a co-op action game that will be free to play.

“The timeline is distant future, and the goal is to work together even though that seems impossible.”

Soderlund said that they are using Unreal Engine to develop the game, and that is pretty much everything we know about the upcoming release.

We know it is not a lot, but it is enough to get our hopes up, especially when the reveal is made by an expert widely respected throughout the gaming community.

“As a small studio, we do not want to be silent and spend years in hiding while developing our game. Our goal is to deliver a working product soon and start improving it from there.”

It seems that Soderlund indicated we could expect their game first to enter the Early Access phase so that they can receive feedback from the community.

“You can expect further updates on the topic soon.”

There’s More Going on Behind the Curtains

If you visit the official website of Embark, you will discover that this is not the only project the company is busy with.

“We want to try and make it easier for people that aren’t professionals to design games. Our goal is to create tools that will connect playing games and making them,” revealed Soderlund.

That sounds like an interesting idea. After all, if it is so easy to make your videos or websites, why is it so difficult to make games? There is no doubt that a successful project in that category would shake the gaming industry to its foundation.

The Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Is a Free Dune-Themed Game Currently in Development

It doesn’t seem like the Dune franchise is attractive for large game developers. It remains a question why as the series remains incredibly popular among the players. That was probably the reason why the Battle for Dune: War of Assassins was announced.

If we take a journey into the gaming history, we will discover that it was the Dune games that brought popularity to the RTS genre on PC. However, it seems that only indie developers are interested in the IP at the moment, which is a huge shame. After all, if anyone can make a good game, it’s the aspiring and ambitious developers that are fans of the franchise themselves.

You could guess the plot of the War of Assassins, and the chances are you would be right. If you read the books carefully, you will remember that Frank Herbert often mentioned this war, and it shaped many battle tactics, behaviours, and cultures we have noticed in the universe of Dune. The Houses of Dune are still at war, and you will now get the chance to be a part of it in a tactical shooter game.

Inspiration Comes From a Classic

According to Game Watcher, C&C: Renegade partially served as inspiration for the Battle for Dune. The game is still in development, and there is no exact release date, but we should expect it during 2019. It is, however, absolutely clear that the game will be free to download and play, which is great.

Once the game launches, we will get to enjoy some interesting modes, such as the Horde. According to the development blog, you will have an opportunity to assume the role of Emperor Worm as he sets on a destruction path.

Battle for Dune: War of Assassins will feature Caladan, Draconis 4, Gidei Prime, and Arrakis, as well as weapons, units, and vehicles that may be familiar.

It is interesting to mention that the W3D engine is used to develop the game. If you visit the official website of the release, you will find some other titles that utilize this engine.