Starpoint Gemini 3 Looking for a Publisher and 2019 Release Date

Have you had the chance to play the Starpoint Gemini series developed by the indie studio Little Green Men Games? The exciting combination of action and RPG has been around for years now, and the developers revealed that we could expect Starpoint Gemini 3 to be released in2 019. You will be playing as Captain […]

Former Visceral Games Developers Announce a New Floating City Builder Airborne Kingdom

The name Wandering Band probably won’t mean anything to you as this indie studio hasn’t released a single game yet, but their recent announcement is rather exciting. The team revealed that they are working on a strategy game Airborne Kingdom. It will offer a mixture of city building and exploration with the obvious focus on […]

Steam Removing Video Section to Further Focus on Gaming

Steam has been the dominating gaming distribution platform for years. However, his leading position has now been compromised by the Epic Games store. It is an ongoing battle between the two companies, and it seems that Valve is making adjustments that will keep its focus on the gaming industry. The latest in the line of […]

What You Can Expect from Anthem in the Next Three Months – A Roadmap

Some of us were playing Anthem for over a week, but it is now official – the game is officially available for the entire gaming community. The initial player impressions are a mixture of love and hate with some players loving the game and others emphasizing that it has plenty of issues. If gameplay depends […]

An Official Trailer for Overwatch’s New Hero Baptiste Now Available

Is it already time for a new hero to be added to Overwatch? According to Blizzard, the answer is yes. The first teaser about who will be the new character in the addictive shooter appeared last week. Today, the news is confirmed – it will be Baptiste. His full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, and he […]

Outlaws of the Old West – An Exciting Cowboy-Themed Game or RDR 2 Clone?

There are two types of companies in the gaming industry – those that are not afraid of innovations that set new trends, and those that follow those trends to upgrade them or take a portion of the market share. That is not necessarily a bad thing if gamers get an exciting new release to play. […]