Embark Studios Working on a New Co-Op Shooter and Another Surprising Project

If you are a hardcore gaming fan, you might have heard of Patrick Soderlund. He used to work in Electonic Arts as the head design officer, but left the company in 2018. Soderlund has been busy since then as he established Embark Studios. The headquarters of the newly-founded studio is in Stockholm, and it currently employs more than 50 people.

That’s all nice and fine, but why we are telling you this? It is because Soderlund officially announced that Embark Studios is working on a new release:

“We managed to find a great idea that we all agreed on, which is we decided to start prototyping, “said Soderlund.

He admitted that the project is in a very early phase and that plenty can change during development. However, he confirmed that we could expect a co-op action game that will be free to play.

“The timeline is distant future, and the goal is to work together even though that seems impossible.”

Soderlund said that they are using Unreal Engine to develop the game, and that is pretty much everything we know about the upcoming release.

We know it is not a lot, but it is enough to get our hopes up, especially when the reveal is made by an expert widely respected throughout the gaming community.

“As a small studio, we do not want to be silent and spend years in hiding while developing our game. Our goal is to deliver a working product soon and start improving it from there.”

It seems that Soderlund indicated we could expect their game first to enter the Early Access phase so that they can receive feedback from the community.

“You can expect further updates on the topic soon.”

There’s More Going on Behind the Curtains

If you visit the official website of Embark, you will discover that this is not the only project the company is busy with.

“We want to try and make it easier for people that aren’t professionals to design games. Our goal is to create tools that will connect playing games and making them,” revealed Soderlund.

That sounds like an interesting idea. After all, if it is so easy to make your videos or websites, why is it so difficult to make games? There is no doubt that a successful project in that category would shake the gaming industry to its foundation.

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