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Did you decide where you will eat today? Now it’s time to call for the reservation, the usual job no one wants to do. But what if you can book with the touch of a button at your favorite restaurant? That’s just one of the features offered by OpenTable.

The software brings together over 52,000 people around the world so that at the right time you can find the right restaurant for you. You can see menus, pictures of dishes, special promotions and payment methods available from the app, as well as other guests ‘ schedules, prices, dress codes, ratings and comments.

You can also get personalized recommendations based on your tastes and preferences when you begin using it. Tired of lunch and dinner at the same locations at all times? Okay, it was never easier to discover new restaurants.

In more than 52,000 restaurants worldwide, book and enjoy extraordinary gastronomic experiences.

Through the search engine of the app you can find endless restaurants classified by location, type of cuisine, price or rating, among other categories. Once the restaurant you want to visit has been selected, you can see the hours available with red buttons to make your reservation. Click the reservation time and forget to call. More comfortable? impossible… And ideal for all the introverts.

Remember, you can earn points for various prizes as you use this tool. You can get discounts on hotels and potential reservations, for example.

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