Operation Grand Heist Coming to Call of Duty Blacks 4 – Here Is What You Need to Know

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans, today is the big day! The new season of the game called Operation Grand Heist officially started on PlayStation 4 while PC and Xbox One will follow soon. It is the third in the line of Operations released for CODBO4, and this time it will last for approximately two months. We can expect new content added gradually, but Treyarch did mention what new additions we can expect at the very start.

We assume you are most interested in the Blackout mode and don’t worry because fresh content is on the way. You will get to play in Ghost Town, a new area inspired by Western movies. The above-ground section is an improved Standoff map from Black Ops 2. Players can also expect below-ground caverns in the section officially named Buried. You will find a lot of zombies here, as well as attractive loot.

Gamers will also get to enjoy a completely new Hot Pursuit mode in the Blackout playing regime. You will get to drive Muscle Cars, SUV, and PBR vehicles. Although they will not be immediately available, we can expect a new event, Hardcore mode, and extra weapons throughout the season.

Plenty of New Content for Season Pass Owners

As for the Multiplayer modes, it will also feature numerous fresh firearms, such as an auto-shotgun and Switchblade X9 SMG. Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Multiplayer will now also include an Outrider specialist, and we will get to play the popular Party Games again. If you an owner of the Black Ops pass, you will get two fresh maps, including Casino and Lockup. The developers promise even more new modes, as well as changes to the existing maps in terms of weather and lighting.

If you prefer fighting the undead, Death-Con Five is the New Gauntlet, and we can also expect a sixth Zombies experience at some point during the season.

You can find out all the details about Operation Grand Heist on this page. Treyarch didn’t offer exact information on when PC and Xbox One players will get the chance to try the update, but you shouldn’t wait for long.

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