Starpoint Gemini 3 Looking for a Publisher and 2019 Release Date

Have you had the chance to play the Starpoint Gemini series developed by the indie studio Little Green Men Games? The exciting combination of action and RPG has been around for years now, and the developers revealed that we could expect Starpoint Gemini 3 to be released in2 019.

You will be playing as Captain Jonathan Bold, an experienced space traveller known by great humour. In the trailer, we can see his talk to a computer that runs his space vessel, which seems kind of fun. You can expect an intriguing plotline, but also some cool new additions.

That includes non-playing characters that will be animated in 3D. That is a step forward for the studio and the Starpoint Gemini franchise. Aside from meeting NPCs, you will get the chance to talk to them, which should add depth to the story. You can see a glimpse of this in the trailer, too.

As for exploring the space, which probably interests you the most, the game offers two planetary systems outside Gemini. You will be able to visit different locations, including pubs with shady bartenders and even shadier customers, as well as other facilities.

The developers emphasize that we can expect dogfighting with plenty of action, but we haven’t seen that in the trailer. We love the idea of space combat, but we are cautious until we see how everything works.

Even though Little Green Men Games are an indie studio, they are trying to make the game as deep as possible. When it comes to replay value, the fact that you will get the chance to play “encounter quests” is something that should entice the players to play again and again.

If you check out the Steam’s page of Starpoint Gemini 3, you will find that there is no pricing information. That is probably because the studio is still looking for a publisher. Once they find the company willing to partner with them, we can expect an exact release date, as well as more info about the price.

Four Things to Know Before You Start Playing Anthem

It is official now – the full version of Anthem is out! It seems that BioWare did a good job with their shooter, and if you want to be as solid when you begin playing, it could use to know a few things ahead of starting. Here are some essentials for beginners related to Anthem.

Things Are Easier in Co-Op

We assume that most of the players have more fun when playing co-op, but we will leave that to your personal preference. What remains a fact is that completing missions in Anthem is easier if you play with some friends.

Think about it like this – you will encounter numerous enemies, and you could use an extra set of hands to tackle them. Additionally, when you get a puzzle task, it will be nice to have someone to cover for you while you do the thinking (or vice-versa). That doesn’t mean you cannot do well by yourself, but it will take a bit more practice.

Focus on Mastering Combos

Do you want to be great at playing Anthem? If the answer is yes, you should make sure to learn everything there is to know about combos! In short, you first use a Primer attack to “prepare” the enemy and then deal major damage with a “Denotator” attack. You can join forces with other players and deal even bigger damage.

As you can assume, combos can be those game-changing moves that will turn the tide into your favour, which is why you should master them as soon as possible.

It Is Not Only about the Shooting

A good weapon and knowing how to use it will help you in Anthem. However, there are other aspects of playing you need to perfect if you want to be successful. Try to use your abilities and equipment to the max, and aim to move as often as possible.

You also have the option to fly, which is another excellent way to keep yourself mobile and avoid attacks. It will take some time to become experienced in flying, especially since you need to watch the heating meter of your suit.

The Art of Crafting

If you want to craft great items in Anthem, you will need to collect resources. While you want to harvest plants, do not forget other harvestable objects, which include but are not limited to bits of lore, runes, and collectables. These will help you with crafting, but also learning more about the lore and completing quests.

Finally, keep in mind to get the components of your equipment right to maximize your edge over the competitors.

Former Visceral Games Developers Announce a New Floating City Builder Airborne Kingdom

The name Wandering Band probably won’t mean anything to you as this indie studio hasn’t released a single game yet, but their recent announcement is rather exciting. The team revealed that they are working on a strategy game Airborne Kingdom. It will offer a mixture of city building and exploration with the obvious focus on the former.

It is a relatively fresh and innovative take on the genre as you will be building a floating metropolis. You will start modestly but quickly expand to building blocks of houses and other cool structures so that you attract people to your city. As time passes, you will have two directions to expand – upward and outward.

“It will be up to you choose between a faith-based and rope-connected flotilla or place a focus or use fans to keep your kingdom flying?”

Since your city is floating, this will give you the option to roam the in-game world. The details that we have seen remind us of the Game of Thrones, particularly the graphics of the opening credits.

The two franchises do not have a lot in common besides that, but the Airborne Kingdom still seems like a very interesting idea. The entire realm is a desert that has plenty of resources to collect, as well as unique lore created by the developers.

You will encounter various tribes that you can tempt to join you if you meet their desires. That will give you the option to utilize their skill and knowledge of the world to explore new technology and collect new resources.

Inspiration was Drawn From Golden Titles

It is interesting to mention that the team didn’t hide the games they used as inspiration, and the list is quite long. It includes Anno, 80 Days, Frostpunk, FTL, and we can only hope that it can be as good as one of those.

Although Wandering Band is an unfamiliar studio, the members of the team have plenty of experience as they worked with Visceral Games.

The Airborne Kingdom doesn’t have a release date yet, but the chances are we won’t get to play it before 2020. At this moment, only PC and Mac versions are confirmed, and you can check the Steam page for more details.

Bethesda Has Big Plans for Fallout 76 in 2019

It has a been a rocky start for Bethesda’s Fallout 76, but it seems that the studio managed to make the game better and save as many players as they could. The plan for the future is clear – attract all those gamers that left (and some new ones) by offering great content. In the newest blog post, the studio announced its plans for the upcoming year.

“We are aware of our mistakes, but we are doing our best to fix them and make this game reach its full potential. The studio believes Fallout is a franchise that will be around for years to come.”

To show that they have reasons to be optimistic, Bethesda mentioned that we could expect no less than three major updates for Fallout 76. These include Wild Appalachia, Nuclear Winter, and Wastelanders. As expected, the studio revealed most details about the first update. As for the other two ones, you can expect new game modes, quests, and events, but we will probably know more when their release date gets closer.

Plenty of New Things to Come

When it comes to Wild Appalachia, the party will start on March 12th. The Fasnacht Parade, a time-sensitive event, and new features in the form of brewing and distilling will be available immediately. Seven days later, the players who complete the event will receive Fasnacht masks.

The biggest addition, however, is the Survival mode, which will come to Fallout 76 on March 26th. Bethesda describes it as PvP taken to the next level, including fresh challenges, tempting rewards, and fewer restrictions.

The following weeks will bring new features, including vending machines and cameras. An event known as the Sheer Terror will be available on April 9th, and the studio describes it as an opportunity to identify the hidden secrets of Appalachia.

In May, we will get to play even more new quests, as well as a customizable backpack feature. The last in the line of small updates will arrive on May 23rd when a new Purveyor will become available to give an opportunity to trade legendary items for new gear.

The important thing to mention is that all the updates mentioned above will be completely free. Bethesda emphasized that they will listen to the feedback of the community so that they could make Fallout 76 even better throughout 2019.

Steam Removing Video Section to Further Focus on Gaming

Steam has been the dominating gaming distribution platform for years. However, his leading position has now been compromised by the Epic Games store. It is an ongoing battle between the two companies, and it seems that Valve is making adjustments that will keep its focus on the gaming industry. The latest in the line of those modifications is the decision to retire the Video section from Steam.

Although there will be no more videos on Steam, those who already bought them do not have to worry – they will still have that footage in their library. Valve explains that they performed an extensive review of what the users of the Steam watch. The conclusion was that they should focus on gaming content, as well as accessories related to gaming.

The company admits that they want to refocus, which is why they are retiring the Video section. In addition to that, you won’t be able to search for videos or use recommendations and user tags to access them. Valve explains that a considerable portion of non-gaming videos will be retired over the next couple of days. We can expect the videos to disappear from the store completely, and the only thing remaining will be the collection of footage that customers already purchased.

The Battle is On

When it comes to the field of gaming, Epic managed to inflict some serious damage to Steam. The Division 2 and Metro Exodus are only some of the premium titles exclusively available there, and indie gems like Journey and Ashen will also be available via Epic.

You can find games that migrated from Steam to Epic because of better conditions for the publishers and developers. It is time for Valve to hit back, and it seems that they are starting by getting rid of the sections that were unnecessarily spending their resources.

What You Can Expect from Anthem in the Next Three Months – A Roadmap

Some of us were playing Anthem for over a week, but it is now official – the game is officially available for the entire gaming community. The initial player impressions are a mixture of love and hate with some players loving the game and others emphasizing that it has plenty of issues.

If gameplay depends on individual preference, we have only the developers to blame for technical problems, and Anthem has plenty. We do hope that the recently revealed roadmap will take the experience of playing the game to the next level.

Chad Robertson from the live service department of BioWare shared what the company has planned in the near future.

“We need to put in a lot of effort to further enhance the game,” said Robertson. He emphasized that he is satisfied with how Anthem looks at the moment because he is certain that the game has a deep world, tempting lore, meaningful characters, and exciting gameplay. According to Robertson, that should secure a bright future for their release.

Overview of Upcoming Months

As a part of “improving the game even more,” here is what the studio has planned for the following three months:

  • February – free new events named There Be Giants, Outlaw Outrage, and Shaper Surge.
  • March – the return of the two events that were available in February (the first two mentioned above), as well a cosmetic addition in the form of Elysian Stronghold caches, and the initial phase of Legendary Missions.
  • April – restructured progression update called the Mastery System. Return of the Shaper surge event, the second phase of Legendary Missions, and The Sunken Stronghold. We can also expect regular stronghold challenges, leaderboards, and support for guilds in April.
  • May – a high-level world event called Cataclysm that will end Act 1 of Anthem. We can expect tempting mysteries, new items, dangerous enemies, and even extreme weather conditions.

We only mentioned content updates, but BioWare emphasizes that they will continue working on adding new challenges, as well as ironing out bugs and making other improvements. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the content that is currently “Cortex Locked.” We like to think that the studio has more surprises for players around the corner. No, we don’t think they haven’t revealed anything because they do not know what their moves will be.

Did you like this brief look at things to expect in Anthem? If you need more information, stay tuned and make sure to follow the social media pages of the company.

Arrr! Get Ready for a Pirate-Themed Season 8 of Fortnite

Are you ready for the Season 8 of Fortnite? And while we are at it, do you love pirates? If the answer to both questions with a resounding yes, you will glad to hear that Epic Games seems to plan to theme the next season of its popular IP around pirates.

We are already used to Epic being cryptic in their tweets about Fortnite. Now that we are only four days away from the Season 8, which will start at the end of February, we expected a mystery revolving the upcoming update.

We received a rhyme-filled with pirate-based clues. “X marks the spot,” tells about hidden treasures just as the subsequent verses “treasure abound, loot that has been lost can always be found.”

The above words contain more than a single hint about a hidden treasure. That encourages us to think that we can expect new loot to become available soon, which is more great news. The developers rounded everything up with a pirate’s hook image.

In the meantime, it is “Overtime” in Fortnite’s season 7. Players received a new portion of challenges so that they will have what to do until the new season releases. It is interesting that you can receive a free battle pass for the upcoming if you manage to complete some of these new events. It is not hard to guess that Epic probably decided for this move because of the release of Apex Legends, a free to play Battle Royale directly aiming to threaten Fortnite.

If you are a Fortnite player, make sure to log into the game in the next several days. We are particularly targeting February 27th, which is the last day of Season 7. Some map changes will probably happen, and they should trigger a new event and the start of a new season.

Fortnite’s Numbers Down

It sounds hard to believe, but the profit of Fortnite has decreased over the last several months. They were dominating in the last several months, but according to the SuperData’s report, they haven’t been among the top three earners on the PC platform in January 2019.

Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends are ahead of the Epic’s gem, as well as Westward Journey Online and Crossfire. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is at the sixth spot, which is even behind Fortnite.

The statistics indicate that Fornite sales have dropped by 48% compared to the end of 2018, which is something that should worry about Epic. Apex Legends is threatening, but could this be a sign that players are losing interest in the most popular BR up to this point?

The Release Date of the Outer Worlds Accidentally Revealed

For a moment, it seemed that August 6th was the official release date of the Outer Worlds. The role-playing game developed by Obsidian is set to appear during 2019, but we still don’t know when. However, an update to their Steam page revealed a change to the release date to August 6th.

It wasn’t the only thing that this update revealed as it also announced plans for language support and other intriguing details. However, it seemed that someone was too eager to publish this information. Only minutes after the update was made, the changes were withdrawn. Instead of the exact August date, we circled back to 2019.

It doesn’t seem impossible to see the Outer Worlds in August. What interests are more is whether the game will meet our expectations. Obsidian didn’t disappoint with the Pillars of Eternity and New Vegas, which were also RPGs.

The studio was acquired by Microsoft last year, and it seems that they are preparing a somewhat shorter game now. According to reports, it should take up to 40 hours to finish The Outer Worlds (15 if you are skilled).

The new release also sees a move from sandboxes to a world that is more controlled. That should speed up the development process, which is why we believe the August release is feasible. The fact that the game is relatively shot might make this game more tempting for serious players that do not have weeks to spend with a single title but need a release that can be completed in a couple of weekends.

An Official Trailer for Overwatch’s New Hero Baptiste Now Available

Is it already time for a new hero to be added to Overwatch? According to Blizzard, the answer is yes. The first teaser about who will be the new character in the addictive shooter appeared last week. Today, the news is confirmed – it will be Baptiste. His full name is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, and he is a medic by profession.

The video revealed yesterday shared the origin story of the new Overwatch roster addition. He grew up as an orphan in a war-burdened environment. He was trying to survive any way he could, which was his primary motivation of joining Talon, the powerful organization that could protect him.

His brain might have been washed by the group, but as he got older, Baptiste started developing a conscience. Over time, he realized that Talon is bad news and he should be looking to leave as soon as possible. He found a new purpose – improving the world in any possible way.

As Baptiste is a medic, it was only normal to expect clues related to his profession in the announcement video. We can see him with canisters tied to a bandolier, as well as holding a canister and a grenade launcher (or something that reminds of one). We will have to be patient until the launch to learn more about how Baptiste plays and what we can expect from his abilities.

Where Does Baptiste Come From

When it comes to his origin, we will bet that he is Haitian. We can’t tell you if we would put money on the fact, but the accent he has tells us that he comes from Haiti. Add to that the French name, and the information that the actor is lending his voice has a mixture of Canadian and Haitian roots.

Benz Antoine is the name of the actor who is in charge or Baptiste’s voice. If you take a look at his Twitter account, you will find that he is doing voice work. He didn’t mention anything in particular, probably because he wasn’t allowed to, but that is enough to confirm that Antoine is the voice of Baptiste.

Now that Blizzard has officially released the announcement video and some details about the character, it remains to be seen when we will get to play as Baptiste in Overwatch. According to the path followed with previous additions, we shouldn’t wait for long before we officially welcome a new hero.

Outlaws of the Old West – An Exciting Cowboy-Themed Game or RDR 2 Clone?

There are two types of companies in the gaming industry – those that are not afraid of innovations that set new trends, and those that follow those trends to upgrade them or take a portion of the market share. That is not necessarily a bad thing if gamers get an exciting new release to play. Is that the case with Outlaws of the Old West?

It shouldn’t take an expert to realize that the developers were probably inspired by Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. However, we love the Wild West and the cowboy theme, which is why we are willing to give it a shot.

The survival-themed game is set in the open world of North America in the 19th century. You had to make a lot of effort to survive back then, and that is what you will have to do in the Outlaws of the Old West. You will have the option to mine and collect resources, hunt, and craft. The only other alternative is to die, so we assume you will welcome doing the above-listed actions.

The developers claimed that they prepared a huge map where you can explore deserts, mountains, swamps, and plains. The servers will support up to 150 players, and we will get to play both PvE and PvP modes.

The settlements will be customizable, and the economy will be player driven. The authors promise a morality system that will force you to make tough decisions, but also design your own stories.

“The game and the servers will both be affected by the decisions the players make,” says Wandering Wizard, the company who agreed to publish the game, in a press release.

Deciding whether you want to play the role of a protector or become a part of the gang will be entirely up to you.

Coming Very Soon

Outlaws of the Old West will enter the Early Access phase on Steam on March 12. It is expected that you will be able to fight other players, trade, craft, harvest, and build your home. As expected, the developers also expect bugs. However, they promise to iron everything out in about a year, which is the period planned for Early Access.

If you want to buy Outlaws of the Old West at an affordable price, you should do so while it is in early access. Otherwise, you may risk having to pay more once the game receives its full version.